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Various Ramblings of a Woman Who is Off Her Rocker

Run piggy! Run!

Shit, this thing is old.

All right then.

Subconscious Oddities
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There's a scent on the air that gets me so sleepy, so content. It's cold and it's warm and the guitar in this song only helps the feeling become a sedative. With my face stuck in the sheets that capture the smell and invite to stay awhile. Feeling far to good and far too well to try and figure out what the smell is, it just is.

That's good enough for me.

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Old train of thought is fully operational!
And running at old speed, all the crazy ideas are finally back. There's some bits of wisdom I'm trying to live by, the main one being 'Can't please everyone all the time' this goes along nicely with 'If they don't like it, they can just piss off, I wanna do this for me'.
Coming to terms with the fact that I'm scared spitless half the time and learning from another guy that it's all right to be and that everyone else may be just as frightened.
I don't really hear anyone calling my name anymore, but now and again I'll feel something grab at my legs or someone is standing behind me. Neither of which are actually true, so I've traded auditory halluinations for the tactile ones for a time.
Yesterday I realized that money was just pieces of glofied paper and metal, I found this hilarious on the drive home from work, we should really bring back the bartering system. I want to pay for things in livestock and fruit.
Hrm, I borrowed Scott's box set DVD of Queer as Folk and I still have to get through it. I think about that kid and I can't help but smile; such a sweetheart.
Ricky is going to be a dad.

I'm *still* trying to digest this.

Can't wait for V for Vendetta to come out, the comic was something of beauty but the movie's lighting isn't exactly capturing the mood. Too much of the Matrix mood into it, but then again it's the same guys directing it so...bollocks. But here's hoping, hm?
I'm hoping to get up to P-Town before school starts.
Don't know where I stand on the whole DeviantArt Jark and Spyed debacle, I want all the facts before I make up my mind.
My friend Dan's got a radio show on mondays at college, I got to go visit him and his sister at the show and check out all the vinyls and CDs. Ally (his sister) showed me a closet full of CDs that don't really get listened to and pulled out The Homos.
They keep the homos in the closet, but they might as well stay in there because the music utterly sucks.
Forgive the scattered musings but with the old thinking comes the erractic writing.
I should really get a comic out of what has happened in my head in the last few months, the benevolent and malevolent sides of myself have been warring and the inner child took quite the beating.

Huh, okay that's all I suppose.

I found my heaven in Worcester
Yes, I'm quite alive and thrashing something fierce.
Here's what's happening in my life:
Working as a housekeeper with my little sister at the hotel.
I keep making an hour and a half trip to Worcester just to go to this amazing comicbook store that has EVERYTHING, I bought the entire 1990's run of The Creeper there. Anarky is next.
Trying to move out of the apartment back into the house, I've really come to adore privacy...moreso than I already did.
Getting my affairs in order so I can get through Oneirophobia done, I've got most of the plot figured out now.
It's a pity I can only think up storylines when I'm just about to fall asleep.
Then I'll probably get Good Apple, Bad Apple done.
I give up on Final Solution...I can't give it a good ending, the spark I had for it is pretty maimed.

That's about it, yeah.
The Creeper is so bloody good.

Kids just don't learn
I can't sleep, people are loud.
And they had a watergun fight, emphasis on 'had'
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Remember Zara!
At the Faire...Walk ropes to tree

You know what I mean...

Datdada~! Caffeine Boy to the rescue!
Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
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In a survival situation, you:Fight, but reluctantly
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Your gift is:Vast knowledge
In groups, you:Blend in
Your best quality is:Your creativity
Your weakness is:Being predictable
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Your Superhero Persona
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